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How I Use My System: Jim Boots

How I Use My System: Jim Boots

Jim BootsJim Boots, Central Security Group's chief revenue officer, started with the company four years ago. His position involves coordinating revenue generation across multiple channels, including our branch network, inside sales, and the company's authorized dealer program. Boots recently talked with Security Systems News about his home security system.

What kind of system do you have?

My personal system is our Alert 360 smart home system, which is comprised of a Nortek color-touchscreen panel and the Alert 360 interface.

Why this particular set up?

My home was pre-wired when it was built several years ago and had a full perimeter system with multiple keypads. Like many homeowners we work with every day, I saw the technology evolving and the smart home revolution begin to take shape and wanted to be sure my family had the latest and greatest in security and convenience. Our flexible Alert 360 smart home system allowed me to use the existing hardware while adding automation solutions, such as locks, lights, thermostats, and a video doorbell that can be controlled with a mobile device. I'm a big believer in owning and using what you offer to your customers. It shows your commitment to the solution. I've been in the security industry for over 30 years, and my wife has always teased me about the need to have such a comprehensive security and smart home system. What's cool about our Alert 360 system is she likes it and uses it as much as I do now! We both find tremendous convenience and peace of mind from using it.

What is the one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?

24/7 monitoring is the absolute “must,” but the ability to control the system remotely from almost anywhere and receive notifications that those commands were successful also is something I would not want to live without. Proactively receiving notifications to changes in the system status created by others or the status of devices is invaluable; when the system is armed/disarmed, when a door is locked or unlocked or the thermostat is adjusted, for example.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?

The demand for residential video cameras continues to be as strong as ever. That's why, at Central Security Group, we created our own Alert 360 branded line of security cameras, recorders, and smart app. The IoT continues to be “the” trend. It's really exciting to see all of the different types of devices being developed with a common denominator—the ability to wirelessly connect and control them through a security system control panel. Aside from the cool factor, home security and smart home solutions bring the future into our lives and homes, and our industry stays on the cutting edge.


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