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Industry veterans launch podcast

Industry veterans launch podcast SSN Security Legend Award Winner Jim Henry teams with NYPD Veteran Sal Lifrieri for C-suite-focused show

NEW YORK—Security industry veterans, Jim Henry and Sal Lifrieri, launched their new podcast today, The Risk Advisor, featuring lively conversations with thought leaders focused on where the industry is going and what technologies are poised to take us there.
“We designed the podcast for the C-level suite — CSOs, CFOs, CEOs and security directors, for example — with the idea of talking about some of the problems and issues they are facing, and creating an ongoing dialogue through the podcast and the blog,” explained Lifrieri (pictured on left), who spent 20 years with the NYPD before starting his own consulting company, Protective Countermeasures Inc. “And then it is making sure that we are speaking to the specific people who actually buy the services and write the checks.”

Another big aspect of the podcast is looking at new and emerging technologies in the security field, from multiple perspectives.

“We are hitting what I believe are the four legs of the stool within security, which are end users, consultants, integrators and manufacturers,” said Henry (pictured on right), who brings the integrator’s perspective, having run his own company and worked for many years at Kratos, and, most recently, working for Securitas. “We want to have some engaging conversations and some perspective drill down on what the C-level people are wanting to hear because many times they don’t have the bandwidth to get real deep on their own.”

In addition to giving a high-level view of where the industry and the technology are going, the show will provide insight into how technology is being received out in the field.

“They really trust when they hear from their peers or through grass-root feedback rather than just unfiltered manufacturer propaganda,” said Henry. “Neither one of us has a reputation for being un-opinionated or reserved, so we let that come through in the podcast as well.”

The podcast runs around 40 minutes and the first shows are available now, featuring leaders from Securitas and Verint and one with Wilk Auslander, which focuses on legal issues and compliance matters within security.

The two are also available for lectures, consulting and coaching, and are excited to serve as advisors during this pivotal time in the industry.

“What we are hoping is that the show is recognized as being highly informational, and that people are going to want to do a deeper dive and seek additional consulting from us, and draw on our unique, individual experience in the industry.”

In addition to his time with the NYPD, Lifrieri retired as the director of Security and Intelligence Operations for the Office of Emergency Management, and is often sourced nationally and internationally by major news media as a security and terrorism expert.

“And Jim brings a lot to the table, as well, being a former CEO of a publically traded company,” noted Lifrieri. “He gets that perspective and can walk into the C-suite and talk to the CEO and know what the real issues are.”


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