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Interface shares 2024 tech predictions

Interface shares 2024 tech predictions

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Interface Systems is looking to the future as it shares its predictions for security technology trends that will impact businesses in 2024.

Starting with the most popular trends of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, Interface believes the technology will improve monitoring operations. “Addressing ever-changing business security threats will require new capabilities to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data from a variety of sensors,” Interface wrote. “AI-based applications will increasingly enable remote monitoring teams to respond to potential threats faster than ever, while simultaneously reducing false alarm notifications that plagued legacy solutions.”

It provided an example of AI-enabled security camera systems offering a searchable footage library, cutting down time during investigations or reliance on simple analog triggers, like motion. With their deep learning capabilities, those cameras can become adept at recognizing patterns and detecting anomalies in video.

Additionally, Interface is predicting that security systems will become more proactive as AI continues to be employed to help monitor video feeds from security cameras. Where traditional video monitoring operations rely on human operators, AI technology is able to automatically detect suspicious behavior and unauthorized access. “Security operators monitoring the feeds can get real-time alerts when the camera detects any of the anomalies the AI program is trained for,” said Interface. “These systems can detect loitering or unusual behavior and raise alerts for potential security threats. This swift response enables proactive action, allowing security teams to act before a crime is committed.”

In spite of the automation revolution, Interface Systems does believe that humans will become increasingly important to the security apparatus. Evolving AI-based solutions will change the role of human operators according to the company, but will continue to play a significant role in security-related decisions.

“While AI security cameras can improve productivity and enhance the effectiveness of the monitoring team, they cannot replace human monitoring.  AI solutions do not understand the context of the visuals being recorded and require human review to make vital decisions, such as police dispatch. But they are a highly intelligent filter and that can provide an exponential efficiency lift to a monitoring operation,” said Bud Homeyer, Chief Operations Officer at Interface Systems.

Interface’s full list of 2024 tech predictions can be found online at


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