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It takes two, in this month’s SSN News Poll results

It takes two, in this month’s SSN News Poll results

It takes two, in this month’s SSN News Poll results

YARMOUTH, Maine – This month Security Systems News asked readers to give their thoughts on personnel security access for the June News Poll.

Citing an incident in March where an air national guard member was caught leaking numerous sensitive security documents, we asked readers if they believed in the strength of their security procedures for personnel where sensitive information is concerned and the results are written below.

Do you feel your business or organization’s sensitive files are secure against personnel incidents?

Reader responses to this question were split evenly across all three responses, with a third of all of them agreeing that it was, wasn’t, or that they couldn’t be sure. With a rise in “Leaked” sensitive information from organizations being commonplace reader responses indicated there may be some confusion on just how much of a problem the issue has become and how much work is ahead to secure data while making it accessible to users.

What is the best course of action to remedy insufficient personnel security?

On this question all poll participants could agree, neither physical security or cyber security alone is enough to solve the problem, a modern solution must be a hybrid of those approaches in order to see a measure of success.

Are regulations like federal cybersecurity compliance standards doing enough to form a bulwark against data theft? Is in-house security policy more effective than federally mandated policy?

While 33% of users felt that in house security solutions were up to the task of protecting assets and data, 66% believe that neither it or federal policy have thus far been up to the task and that more must be done overall to secure sensitive information and products. “Like any security site, different environments require different security precautions and standards,” one reader wrote. “The government can't produce a one size fits all.”

That’s it for this month’s poll. Next month we’re asking readers about acquisitions, anti-trust, and the state of the industry as a result.


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