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LifeShield HD Video Doorbell camera makes its debut

LifeShield HD Video Doorbell camera makes its debut

LANGHORNE, Pa.—Recently acquired by ADT, LifeShield added the LifeShield HD, Wi-Fi-connected video doorbell to its professionally monitored, DIY smart home security product offerings. Complementing the brand's “Build Your Own Set” package, consumers can tailor a security system to fit their smart home needs.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), theft makes up more than three-quarters of all reported crime and results from a survey from the organization found that not only do 81 percent of burglars enter through the first floor but 34 percent enter through the front door!

“The LifeShield HD Video Doorbell was designed specifically for owners seeking increased visibility around their front doors,” John Owens, president of DIY, ADT said in the announcement.

The doorbell pairs directly with the LifeShield home security system, empowering owners to record, store and watch live and on-demand video, with additional features including:

  • Two-way audio support - gives visitors the impression someone is home even if they are not;
  • People detection technology - distinguishes between people and other objects to help mitigate false positives helping to prevent customers from receiving unneeded notifications and recordings;
  • 1080p HD resolution video - 170-degree wide lens and night vision; and
  • Notifications and video previews - viewed on mobile app or security touchpad.

So, why the video doorbell and why now for LifeShield with all the other video offerings on the market today? “It was the next progressive step to offer within our scope of products,” Doug Bellenger, chief product officer, LifeShield told SSN. “Also, people are more aware of perimeter security and it all starts at the front door.”

To successfully dive into an already tapped market, companies must create products that set their offering apart from all others on the market. LifeShield's doorbell does just that: offers key differentiators that other video doorbells do not.

“Our doorbell integrates with Alexa; it recognizes people as people; and it's able to target a specific zone, for example a sidewalk or driveway as opposed to just the front door,” said Bellenger. This can help increase situational awareness in that homeowners are able to see a person or group of people approaching their home's entry point as opposed to waiting for a person or group to get right up to the front door. And, in case of an emergency situation, seconds do matter.

Additionally, the LifeShield HD Video Doorbell integrates with a number of other smart home devices using “if this then that” (IFTTT) so homeowners can truly customize their experience.

“People want professional equipment that they can set up themselves, but they also want it to be monitored by professionals and informed of potential security issues,” Bellenger concluded.


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