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LogicMark's new two-way voice emergency button bridges gap between security, PERS

LogicMark's new two-way voice emergency button bridges gap between security, PERS New solution provides more value, extra service for integrators to offer

FAIRFAX STATION, Va.—PERS provider LogicMark will be touting what it calls a bridge solution between PERS and security at ISC West in Las Vegas in April. The unit can relay its signal through an end user's traditional security system and be used in non-PERS type situations.

“Our Emergency Wall Communicator accessory is turning out to be a success. In particular, it is finding a market as an add-on to existing security systems or as a way to go back to existing customers and add this to the system,” LogicMark president Mark Gottlieb said. “Put one by the bed-side and one in the bathroom and have instant two-way voice access to the central station, all independent of having a PERS pendant.”

This kind of flexibility has been working well for Jacksonville, Fla.-based Scott Alarm.

“We use it in an application with our service people: 'Mrs. Jones, would you be interested in having an emergency button you can take with you anywhere in the house and have emergency, two-way communication with the central station?'” said Scott president Bruce Scott. “Or let's say we have a family with a disabled child—wheelchair bound and sleeping in their own room. This is something I would want next to that child. Is that person a typical PERS customer? Maybe not, but this solution fits in this situation.”

According to Gottlieb, the unit can be permanently installed anywhere—down by the edge of the bathtub in case of bathroom slip-and-falls, for example—or Velcroed down in a semi-permanent fashion—on the arm of a chair in the living room or on the bedpost—depending on what the installer's needs are for any given installation.

“It's one more market for security guys. They can sell the system with the Emergency Wall Communicator only, never mentioning a pendant,” Gottlieb said. “This way it becomes an up-sell to a standard home security alarm. The most likely location in this case is the bedside table. So, if a burglary happens in the middle of the night, one push on this device puts you in voice communication to the central station.”

“It speaks to a need we've seen in the client base,” Scott agreed. “And that's our job in this industry, to answer our clients' needs.”


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