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Medical Guardian renews branding

Medical Guardian renews branding

PHILADELPHIA—Medical Guardian, a large medical alert provider, recently changed up its branding, rolling out a new website, logo and tagline. Geoff Gross, company founder and CEO, talked with Security Systems News about the process behind the company's “brand evolution,” which it started at the beginning of the year.

Medical Guardian's new website features images and content that better reflect the lives of seniors today, Gross said. The largest obstacle in the PERS industry, “is the perception of the service,” he said. “We want to display imagery and content that is relevant to the lives [that potential customers] are actually living.”

The website also now includes a “Risk Score” which assess factors of a potential user's life based on questions and suggest either an mPERS or in-home PERS product. Visitors to the website can also have another questionnaire that will recommend a more specific offering. Additionally, the company is including a customer web portal and a Medical Alert Blog.

Medical Guardian's new logo is a shield with a range of red and purple colors. “The shield represents the protection that Medical Guardian provides, while the gradient provides a visual metaphor for growth and transformation,” the company said in its announcement.

The company's new tagline, “Life Without Limits,” resonates with the company's customer base, according to Gross. “If you want to go in the garden in the summertime and spend a few hours out there, with the protection of our service and one of our mobile products or home products, you'll be able to do that. If you want to take the volunteer shift at the museum, feel free and have the confidence to go and do the things you love to do,” he said.

Gross said the research was the most involved step in rethinking the company's brand. Through this process, the company learned that the potential customer don't like certain terminology, such as “mature” or “senior.” Medical Guardian refers to its customers as “older adult” or “older American,” Gross noted.

In research for the new branding, the company conducted a survey with its customers, asking about their number of falls, level of activity and types of activities. “We were able to pull a tremendous amount of data and most of it all pointed toward that our customer base specifically … they're more active than we think. It's reflected in the products we're selling now,” Gross said, adding that almost half of Medical Guardian's new sales are mobile PERS products.

Medical Guardian, based in Philadelphia, has about 200 employees, Gross said.


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