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Milestone introduces XProtect Hospital Assist

Milestone introduces XProtect Hospital Assist

Milestone introduces XProtect Hospital Assist

BRONDBY, Denmark – Milestone Systems has released a new tool to assist hospitals with remote patient monitoring while delivering high-quality care.

The XProtect Hospital Assist addresses the current and projected shortfalls in staffing by helping healthcare professionals do more with less. With its innovative remote patient monitoring Milestone said that it will help to improve overall patient safety, care, and experience while enhancing the situational awareness of staff.

“There is no doubt that the irreplaceable human touch of healthcare professionals is essential, and by integrating data-driven video technology into their daily routine, they can now be even further empowered. With XProtect Hospital Assist, hospitals can improve patient care by offering an additional layer of support for the healthcare staff,” said Rahul Yadav, Chief Technology Officer at Milestone Systems.

Now available for use, XProtect hospital Assist is described as a data-driven video and audio technology solution designed to improve patient care in medical settings. Users can monitor multiple patients simultaneously allowing for rapid response in case of incident. A streamlined workload which makes for alleviated burdens on providers in today’s often busy hospital environment.

“With an extra set of eyes and ears in patient rooms, our solution enables rapid response to incidents, ensuring the highest quality of patient care,” added Yadav. “And by addressing critical staff shortages and streamlining efficiency, XProtect Hospital Assist paves the way for a better, safer, and more connected hospital environment worldwide. We are proud to unveil this innovative solution, designed to enhance hands-on patient care and reinforce the vital role of healthcare professionals."

Designed exclusively for hospitals caring for patients in need of long term or situational observation, XProtect Hospital Assist is an open platform, data-driven platform that can process a vast amount of data from a variety of sources, including security cameras, sensors, analytic software and more. Milestone stated that XProtect’s VMS bridges the gap for healthcare organizations as a unifying platform between raw data and actionable insights. The platform currently supports over 13,000 different security devices according to the company, from more than 700 recognized industry manufacturers.

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