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Milne to take Pivot3 to market 'on a grand scale'

Milne to take Pivot3 to market 'on a grand scale' Hyper-converged systems on the rise, Pivot3 has �credibililty and momentum'

AUSTIN, Texas—Pivot3's new chief marketing officer, Bruce Milne, has a resume full of enterprises he has helped grow.

He believes Pivot3, a supplier of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), has “credibility and momentum” and presents a “huge opportunity for the physical security integrator.”

Milne said he was drawn to Pivot3's “fantastic technology” and was impressed with its established customer base, noting that the company has 1,600 customers including Starbucks, Apple, GM, FedEx. It secures sites such as the Statue of Liberty and “mission critical” locations such as the Green Zone in Iraq.

Milne plans is to bring better sales tools and projects to Pivot3's integrator partners. Pivot3 is working on a demand-generation program. Milne is confident that integrators will “see the applications of the use case to their other clients. I want them to take Pivot3 to their other clients.”

The technology is what Milne calls “battle tested,” and “the value proposition is super clear,” he said. It's about “simplicity and economics, the demonstrated cost of ownership and the simple deployment of technology—the economics of HCI.”

Previously known as a storage provider to the security industry, last year Pivot3 began describing itself as a supplier of "hyper-converged infrastructure.” Those solutions include virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), video surveillance and server virtualization, and backup/recovery solutions.

HCI is a common IT term, which simply means "a set of hardware or software that runs multiple functions on the same appliance.”

Milne pointed to a recent Gartner Research finding that predicts that by 2019 “35 percent of all integrated systems sold will be hyper-converged.” Gartner recognized Pivot3 as an early leader in this space, he said.

From a surveillance perspective, there's a need for a secure yet mobile security operations center. VDI adds to that security because it adds secure, mobile access to data, Milne explained. With VDI, the data is contained all in one place, “with the proper security, failover, resiliency and backup � [and you can have] direct access to the data.”

Milne has been here in Austin for 17 years. He's helped grow companies such as Vignette, (now OpenText) Hyperformix and most recently Socialware, where he was responsible for all aspects of sales, marketing and business development, including sales enablement, go-to-market planning and execution, partners and�strategy.


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