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Mission Critical Partners celebrates its 15th anniversary

Mission Critical Partners celebrates its 15th anniversary

Mission Critical Partners Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Mission Critical Partners (MCP) has announced the 15th anniversary of its founding as a firm providing consulting and managed services to public safety, justice, and government organizations.

Since its 10th milestone anniversary, MCP said that it’s experienced impressive growth. Over the last five years, six acquisitions were made that greatly expanded the firm’s service portfolio and subject-matter expertise. Simultaneously, the firm’s roster of subject-matter experts more than doubled, to about 200.

However, according to Darrin Reilly, president and chief executive officer, the more important thing is that all this activity has enhanced MCP’s impact on the public-safety/justice ecosystem. “The expansion of our capabilities has enabled us to help the organizations that we serve improve public-safety, justice, and public-sector outcomes, in some cases dramatically,” Reilly said. “For a firm like ours, there is no greater praise.”

Significant client projects over the last five years supported by MCP’s subject-matter expertise include: An advanced transportation management system for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), a statewide land mobile radio (LMR) system enhancement for the Massachusetts State Police, statewide transition to Next Generation 911 (NG911) service for Maryland, criminal justice technology systems overhaul for the city of New Orleans, the modernization of statewide criminal justice information systems in Texas for Department of Public Safety (DPS), digitizing court services in California, and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities statewide in Tennessee.

In addition to the hundreds of projects that have benefitted from MCP’s involvement over its history, the firm today said it supports the public-safety/emergency-response community by publishing its annual Analysis-and-Insights Report, which focuses on eight key factors. The content is based on MCP’s proprietary assessment methodology known as the Model for Advancing Public Safety (MAPS), anecdotal observations made by MCP SMEs as they worked on myriad client projects according to the firm.

MCP wrote that each key factor is explored in a standalone chapter that examines the relevance of the factor to public safety, changes that have ensued since the initial analysis-and-insights report was published in 2022, the impact of those changes, and key trends that have emerged.

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