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Monitronics honored by Frost & Sullivan

Monitronics honored by Frost & Sullivan

SAN ANTONIO—Monitronics on Nov. 16 received 2010 Excellence in Best Practices Award from research company Frost & Sullivan at its annual awards banquet, held here.

“They do a lot of research on the sector and I think we made some predictions two years ago and did a lot of things that improved the business,” Mitch Clarke, VP marketing said. “The sustained growth that we've seen—even in a down economy—I think Monitronics has shown good management, good vision and a good game plan to improve products so that the consumer ultimately gets the best product possible.”

These awards are presented each year to companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyze and transform industries in the near future.

Frost & Sullivan feels Monitronics fits the bill.

“I get calls where people ask me 'how do I get nominated? What do I have to do?' The answer is you can't get nominated. There is no nomination process, and we're pretty proud of that,” said John Weber, Frost & Sullivan manager of intellectual property and licensing, North America, Best Practices Group. “The only way you can get into the running is that you have to be doing a good job.”

Monitronics on July 18, 2008 was presented with Frost & Sullivan's North American Alarm Monitoring Service Provider of the Year award for its operational skill and ability to attract and retain key dealer accounts in the industry.

Of this year's honor, Clarke said it was nice to be recognized for doing business as usual. “We're very pleased. I think [the award] reinforces that we're committed to delivering the best products at the best price and continue to be thought leaders on the front lines of innovation,” Clarke said. “We're looking to continue to grow our business at a strong pace and we think having the consumer in mind and the dealer empowered with the right set of options for consumers is a very important aspect of growth.”

A full list of 2010 Excellence in Best Practices Awards recipients can be found at Frost & Sullivan's website.



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