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p-Chip Corporation to be featured on Viewpoint

p-Chip Corporation to be featured on Viewpoint

CHICAGO – The p-Chip Corporation, maker of microtransponder tracking technology has announced they’ll be featured on educational documentary series Viewpoint on public television.

The Viewpoint documentary series has been producing documentaries on a wide range of topics for over 18 years, including technology, finance, culture and more. p-Chip meanwhile has become known for its product tracking technology, such as its p-Chip Code secure tracking tag which use “hyper-secure” QR codes to track goods in a physical supply chain.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to discuss a great p-Chip Corporation story on such a prestigious platform as Viewpoint," said the CEO of p-Chip Corporation, Joe Wagner. "This year has been a groundbreaking year for our company on many fronts, particularly in the realm of food- and ingredient-tracing technology. We are pleased to have such an important innovation and partnership shared with a vast audience."

p-Chip goes on to say the interviews in the documentary focus on, “a major breakthrough in food safety and brand protection”, and a partnership between the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano (CFPR), Kaasmerk Matec (Kaasmerk), and p-Chip itself.

The documentary will begin airing in October and run on local stations “throughout the year”.

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