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Police call for camera database following armed robbery

Police call for camera database following armed robbery

DANVILLE, Ill.—In the wake of an Aug. 12 armed robbery, Danville police want to develop a database providing law enforcement with the locations of all the city's security cameras to help speed up future investigations.

Using footage from the robbed bank, police had a solid description of the suspect, and another business's security camera helped identify the make and model of the car, but it took police a while to find all the available footage, The News-Gazette reported. Danville Public Safety Director Larry Thomason said, “The earlier we have the information, the better chance we have in making an apprehension.”

Cameras that are part of alarm systems are helpful to law enforcement but, unlike burglar and fire alarms, the city does not require cameras to be registered, he said.

Thomason said police are asking businesses and homeowners to voluntarily share camera locations for a confidential list.


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