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Poll: Video technologies most talked about, poised for most advancement

Poll: Video technologies most talked about, poised for most advancement Interoperability seen as a top concern

YARMOUTH, Maine—Following ASIS 2016, where many technologies were showcased and industry problems addressed, Security Systems News asked readers about top trends, and many pointed to video technologies and interoperability.

“I believe the biggest technological advancements will come from cloud security deployments and managed service providers,” Christopher Martini, regional manager, corporate security and business protection for Jaguar Land Rover, wrote in. “As an end user, I'd much rather buy the results of an existing security technology investment than build my own. When service providers figure out how to provide those services to a high degree of quality, the industry will be forever changed.”

Video surveillance and VMS was the most talked about technology at ASIS 2016, according to 43 percent of respondents. Thirty-one percent said that big data/analytics was the most talked about. Mobile or remote credentialing, verification and controlling was the hottest topic, according to 26 percent.

According to the poll, interoperability is seen as the biggest issue currently facing the industry—indicated by 40 percent of respondents. One-third said that utilizing the cloud is a top concern.

“I believe storing physical security data in the cloud from all applications is the next evolution in our industry. This would be coupled with managing and analyzing the data for not just security but other internal business partners,” one respondent said.

Twenty-six percent responded that cybersecurity is the biggest issue.

“First, there will be heightened attention to cybersecurity protection of video systems on the network. Second, we will continue to see significant improvements in video and data analytics to improve operator efficiency. Similar benefits will accrue from tighter integrations between software systems—VMS, access control, LPR, geofencing, perimeter protection and more,” one reader said.

The “unknowns” are the biggest concern, according to one respondent, which includes “industry consolidation, legal requirements/privacy concerns, network cybersecurity and preventing hack attacks through the video network/cloud/back channel.”

Forty-three percent of respondents also said that video surveillance has the most potential to advance over the next five years. “Video verification of alarms will become less expensive and be the 'norm' for all new systems, residential and commercial, within three years,” one reader said.

Access control will show the largest advancements in terms of technology, 24 percent said. One-third of respondents either weren't sure of which would advance the most or indicated other options.

Some readers pointed to other specific technologies as up and coming. “The Allied Universal robotics was the talk of the show and the discussion [of] the next big thing for contract security,” according to one reader.

“I believe that drone technology will become of greater interest in the coming years,” another respondent said.


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