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Sleigh bells and whistles, or I’ll be home security for Christmas

Sleigh bells and whistles, or I’ll be home security for Christmas

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be gone.

On a short holiday break of course, nothing nefarious. I should be right back into the saddle next week as we get ready to say our goodbyes to 2022, and what a year it’s been! Financial predictions for the security industry from physical to cyber says business is booming. AI-driven analytics appear to be the market to keep an eye on as we move into 2023, and global shake ups to hardware production might see a changing landscape for large sections of the industry.

But I should probably save some of that energy for next weeks blog, and not waste that lovely Rocky & Bullwinkle-esque blog title. The holiday season means lots of gift buying, and the security industry certainly benefits from that trend. Companies that sell to government organizations or educational ones probably benefit from those budget deadlines more than anyone else. Heck, Congress and the Senate are getting a heck of a deal this week as they vote on the yearly budget, as they slipped in a cool couple mil toward security upgrades for senators’ homes, a topic that became much closer to their hearts in recent months I’d wager. Since we’re the ones footing that bill, I’ll go ahead and say it, “You’re welcome, guys, happy holidays.”

Schools around the country are also looking at their physical security infrastructure this year due to an unfortunate rise in violence. I wrote recently about the Akron School District voting on upgrades to their detection systems and I should be hearing more from administrators at Hosanna Christian Academy in the coming days about the feedback they’ve gotten from parents about their installation of equipment from Athena Security. Expect to hear more of that from schools in the coming year without a doubt.

Another thing I can guarantee without a doubt is that Security Systems News will be covering it. So let me repeat this with much less sarcasm this time - From our family to yours, happy holidays! 

Next week we welcome 2023. "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" 


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