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Snap One launches Control4 Connect & Control4 Assist

Snap One launches Control4 Connect & Control4 Assist

Snap One Launches Control4 Connect & Control4 Assist

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Snap One has announced the launch of Control4 Connect & Control4 Assist – new software and support offerings that improve end-user experiences.

Snap One said that it spent more than a year developing the Control4 Connect & Control4 Assist offerings in close collaboration with 23 integrators, while also leveraging experience from thousands of Parasol customers and more than 100,000 4Sight subscribers.

“The homes and businesses of today rely on a wide range of networked systems and devices to operate. This makes software updates and system monitoring critical to ensure reliability, confidence and continued use,” John Heyman, Snap One CEO, emphasized. “As such, the traditional business model of the CI integrator must evolve into an ongoing partnership with their customers. We believe that the customer understands the importance of working with professional integrators to keep their investment current – and that they’re willing to pay to ensure their systems are maintained and optimized.”

According to Heyman, the evolution of the industry is inevitable as it moves from hardware-centric to one more grounded in software and new software integrations. “The launch of Control4 Connect and Assist meet the business and experiential needs of this new emerging business model, one that represents a major opportunity for our partners, who can now more easily foster stronger long-term relationships with customers to drive greater satisfaction and increase profits,” he said.

The Control4 Connect software service enables essential features that keep customers’ systems up to date and secure, provides convenient access and insights, and ensures smooth integration with new devices as they are released. Features include voice control, remote access, and intercom anywhere.

Starting in April, Connect will be included on all new Control4 systems, and the annual customer cost will vary depending on the type of controller installed. Systems with a CA-1 model are free of charge, systems with a Core Lite unit cost $99, and systems with any other controller, or multiple controllers, cost $249. Partners will receive a generous revenue share paid monthly over 12 months by direct wire payment – a significant change from the $30 product credit previously offered through the 4Sight program.

There will be no changes required for existing Control4 customers or 4Sight subscribers, but certain software improvements will only be made available to active Control4 Connect accounts.

Control4 Assist is available immediately to partners that become Assist Authorized. It is an optional remote support service that significantly reduces the burden of providing customer support while still providing recurring revenue benefits.

For an annual fee of $899, customers get proactive system monitoring and access to the Control4 Assist Team of programmers, AV technicians and certified networking administrators who remotely solve issues, answer questions and help manage customer experiences. The Assist Team will support customers leveraging OvrC and Composer tools and offer video assistance as needed. Control4 Assist customers can contact support staff from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 365 days a year.

“Through our experience with Parasol, we have identified the opportunity to better support our partners and their customers. Control4 Assist and Assist Premium offer Control4 Partners of all sizes unparalleled recurring revenue opportunities and meet today’s customer demands,” Heyman said. “This is a significant opportunity for partners at every level, even if they already operate other recurring services, because it offloads daily customer questions and requests to dedicated Control4 experts who focus exclusively on service. The result is happier customers, fewer emergency calls, more referrals, and improved quality of life for partners with peace of mind that customers are being taken care of.”

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