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Socura launches SASE service

Socura launches SASE service

LONDON – UK based cyber security managed services specialist Socura announced the launch of its SASE service.

The managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) launched in partnership with Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma. Citing industry research, Socura expects SASE to be a $60 billion industry by 2027 thanks to the rise of “Flexible” working which the say was enshrined in UK law in December of 2022. Describing SASE as an emerging and complex technology with limited offering Socura hopes it will give them an edge over other managed security service providers (MSSPs).

“The moment that UK workforces went remote en masse in 2020, every business had a tricky twofold security problem; decentralised access to company data and loss of control over environments from which the data was being accessed,” said Socura CEO, Andy Kays. “Legacy solutions were designed for occasional remote working and were a useful stopgap when the first lockdowns were announced. Three years later, many organisations have failed to update their security strategies despite embracing hybrid work. SASE offers a solution; fast deployment and reduced costs, whilst enabling organisations to adopt a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to employee access - a perfect fit for the era of flexible working.”    

Combining SASE with their Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) Socura said they expect the new service to appeal to SME’s and public sector organizations, which they say often lacks the in-house security resources necessary to manage and monitor SASE deployment 24/7.

Learn more about Socura and their services online at


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