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SolCyber partners with Converge to provide cybersecurity insurance for the mid-market

August 17, 2022SSN Staff

DALLAS – Forgepoint Capital company SolCyber is partnering with Converge to “redefine” cyber insurance for the mid-market. SolCyber, which describes itself as the first modern Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) announced their partnership in a release that the company said will dramatically improve the security posture and decrease business risk for small and mid-sized organizations thanks to enhanced coverage and a more efficient application process. "When you have...

Converge, cyber security, forgepoint, Insurance, SolCyber

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Monitoring Matters

The smart toilet ... oh crap!

July 22, 2020Ginger Hill

The loo, bathroom, restroom, el bano, latrine, water closet, washroom, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, toilet, commode, throne, potty … whatever your special name is for this place, we all know others shouldn’t be “privy” to our private moments here. But, as technology advances and new “smart” apparatuses tempt the must-have-it-all-type of consumer, privacy wanes and cybercriminals find new ways into the more personal parts of people’s lives. Case in point,...

Antoinette King, Axis, Axis Communications, connected devices, cyber security, Smart Devices

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Monitoring Matters

Passwords … mind over matter

July 8, 2020Ginger Hill

I’m always fascinated when I see articles stating that the top passwords of the year were “password” “1234” or “qwerty” or even “abc” in conjunction with the millions of articles about data breaches that offer easy-to-do actions for people to take to protect their personal data, either personal or work. Why are the exact same, weak passwords being used over and over when people know and understand that data can and most likely will be hacked?...

biometrics, cyber security, Cybersecurity, facial biometrics, fingerprint biometric, phishing, secure passwords

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Monitoring Matters

Zoom “zooms” up its lax security

July 1, 2020Ginger Hill

COVID has taken the physical world virtual. As stay-at-home orders abounded, and quite frankly, should still be observed, along with wearing masks, social distancing and washing of hands, colleagues, family, friends, clubs and other groups hit the virtual world to do business, stay connected and attempt to have some sort of calmness amid pure chaos. At the same time, threat actors and cybercriminals were at the ready, armed with a playbook of schemes to run interference.  The platform of...

COVID, COVID-19, cyber security, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, online events, phishing, Ransomware, Zoom

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Monitoring Matters

How the CIA got hacked ...

June 17, 2020Ginger Hill

I feel like I should start this week’s blog post with “once upon a time …” yet that phrase typically fosters good memories of childhood fairy tales that usually led to happy endings, where the prince and princess live happily ever after. The tale I have for you today, unfortunately, is that of cybersecurity nightmares. Getting right to the point, our very own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the group that should be outfitted with the top echelon of professionals who...

Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, cyber incidents, cyber security, Cybersecurity, insider threats

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Monitoring Matters

Business continuity, cybersecurity tips and valuable resources

March 18, 2020Ginger Hill

I refuse to give the coronavirus power by using it as click bait in my blog title; however, staying true to my blog, “Monitoring Matters,” I do see that education is necessary during this time of our lives. I feel that the more people understand and know what to do, the better we are prepared to handle any situation, whether that be a pandemic of any kind, a major cyberattack, etc. So, before we get started, I want to first sincerely thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you not...

ASIS, business continuity, cyber security, door-to-door scams, National Cyber Security Alliance, Security Industry Association, SIA, Social Media, Stay Safe Online

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Monitoring Matters

Proactively going head-to-head with cyber threats

December 18, 2019Ginger Hill

I recently read an article stating that the biggest cyberattack of 2020 has already happened. Needless to say, this sparked my attention, plunging my mind into thoughts of sophisticated cybercriminals who have already hatched a plan attack that's just sitting in wait, ready to emerge when prompted. While I don't promote, condone or encourage using scare tactics as a way to educate others and prompt them to take action, this does sound a bit scary; so, I reached out to some cybersecurity experts...

Baum & Bolles, cyber security, Cybersecurity, HID Global, Jaros, Min Kyriannis, SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, Tiffany Pressler

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How companies can fight against cyber threats

December 16, 2019

YARMOUTH, Maine—As 2019 closes, 2020 is full of new possibilities and opportunities. While it's a time for growth, change and newness, cyber criminals are lurking in the background ready to strike. The threats that these criminals have planned for the new year have already been months in the making and are far from cookie cutter. Therefore, companies must be alert and ready.“Defending a company against them [cyber threats and crimes] requires a broad approach,” Christian Nascimento,...

Christian Nascimento, Comcast, cyber security, Cybersecurity, HID Global, Min Kyriannis, phishing, Security Industry Association, SIA, SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, Tiffany Pressler

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General News

Is your merger and acquisition process as secure as you think?

December 2, 2019Max Emelianov

A merger or acquisition is extremely sensitive. You're looking at millions of dollars potentially changing hands, to say nothing of all the sensitive data and intellectual property. It should go without saying that security should be your number one priority; yet for some reason, many businesses seem to ignore it entirely.An organization in talks to acquire a startup is one-upped by a competitor that somehow knew the exact value of their offer.Identified as a redundancy, a disgruntled staffer makes...

Acquisitions, cyber security, Gartners Magic Quadrant, mergers, mergers and acquisitions

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100 Women in 100 Days Cybersecurity Career Accelerator announces next class

November 21, 2019SSN Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The free cybersecurity training and accreditation program, 100 Women in 100 Days (100w100d), founded and managed by Sacramento-based cyber risk consulting firm, Inteligenca, will help another 100 students reboot their careers at Japan's Saya University.“The opportunity with Saya shows that people around the world recognize the need to get more women into the cybersecurity field,” Inteligenca CEO Carmen Marsh said in the announcement. “We are witnessing a...

100 women in 100 days, cyber security, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Inteligenca, NIST

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