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Specifically Speaking with Darnell Washington

Specifically Speaking with Darnell Washington President, CEO for SecureXperts, based in Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Is SecureXperts an IT security consultant or a physical security consultant? Can you describe your services and tell us who your customers are?

Founded in February 2001, SecureXperts is an information security consulting company that has worked with the U.S. federal government, enterprise businesses and commercial entities and others that have the following concerns: securing against cyberthreats, disruption, economic loss, or brand deterioration due to cyber breach/data loss; best cybersecurity practices; getting started securing infrastructure, products and services; budgeting and ROI for cybersecurity; getting started and changing cybersecurity culture.

We also provide consulting and testing services to system integrators and manufacturers to help them meet compliance requirements from customers to ensure that the products they develop do not create risk for their IT environment.

Can you give an example of a couple of recent projects you've worked on?  

We've done penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for one of the largest seaport and container terminals in the United States. We also worked with Bosch on the development of a cryptographic chip enabled inside of their IP-based camera so that it meets FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification. This is important, as it is the first solution using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at such a high level. It can transmit information over U.S. Federal Networks connected to a trust environment known as the Federal PKI Bridge. The solution in known as Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption or CHAVE. We also worked with Genetec to integrate this technology into a VMS platform, known as Security Center, and expect other platforms, such as baggage screening and explosives detection devices to be integrated with our technology.


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