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Specifically Speaking: Ryan Brothers on increased collaboration

Specifically Speaking: Ryan Brothers on increased collaboration Founder of Pinnacle Security Solutions discusses the evolving integrator/consultant relationship, recent projects and more

Specifically Speaking: Ryan Brothers on increased collaboration

YARMOUTH, Maine—Ryan Brothers believes the line between integrators and consultants will become thinner in the future.

"Integrators will always procure and install parts, and consultants must remain independent, but the continuing rapid advancement of technology (hardware and software) and increasing requirements from clients for detailed plans and budgets will push integrators and consultants to work more hand in hand versus chronologically one after the other,” he said.

Pinnacle Security SolutionsAs part of Security Systems News’ monthly column, Specifically Speaking, the following is an exclusive Q&A with Brothers:

SSN: What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services does the company provide?

BROTHERS: Pinnacle provides full lifecycle security consulting services for our clients. This is how we differentiate ourselves from other firms. From evaluating risk and existing conditions, to designing and implementing solutions, and ultimately aiding clients and integrators in long-term system management and maintenance, we seamlessly integrate ourselves as an extension of our clients' teams.

SSN: What vertical markets does the company specialize in?

BROTHERS: While higher education and corporate clients with large deployments are our primary focus, Pinnacle has diverse experience across various industries and markets. From commercial real estate to biotech and utilities, we have a proven track record of providing high-touch, forward-thinking security solutions for our clients.

SSN: Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies you are seeing or specifying today?

BROTHERS: The most requested technologies from clients are mobile credentials, followed by cloud everything. However, from an implementation perspective, most emerging technology is on the video and biometric side of the industry with metadata and Al-driven cameras and biometric door stations replacing (or supplementing) traditional card readers.

SSN: What’s a project that stands out?

BROTHERS: We assisted a school district in conducting an existing conditions study of their security systems. Based on the findings, we developed a multi-year security roadmap with phased recommendations and associated budgets. Simultaneously, we collaborated with the integrator and manufacturers to re-architect the disparate systems into a unified access control, video management, and intrusion detection system. This transformation allowed the local police department to centrally monitor each school concurrently instead of one at a time.

Additionally, we established a monthly patching cycle, recurring alarm metrics (to identify trends), and proactively open service tickets with the preferred integrator to resolve issues before the client even becomes aware of the situation.


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