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SSN interviews Aiphone’s Spencer Britenstine and Brad Kamcheff

SSN interviews Aiphone’s Spencer Britenstine and Brad Kamcheff

SSN interviews Aiphone’s Spencer Britenstine and Brad Kamcheff

YARMOUTH, Maine – The past year has proven to be an eventful one for the Aiphone Corporation as the company expanded both in size and scope.

In April this year Security Systems News (SSN) reported on the intercom company’s release of a suite of access control solutions called the AC series, and in October the company opened a new office in Tampa, Fla., its fourth overall and first in the Southern United States. As a result, SSN sat down to speak with Spencer Britenstine, director of sales, South, Aiphone Corp., and Aiphone Marketing Manager Brad Kamcheff to discuss their recent move and their plans for 2024.

SSN: Mr. Britenstine, could you tell me more about yourself and your history with Aiphone?  

Britenstine: I have worked at Aiphone for 22 years and prior to that I was in electrical distribution sales. While I was raised in Ohio, I’ve moved several times all over the south region of the United States. Now, being in the greater Tampa, Fla., area it feels like me and my wife will be here for some time, as we really enjoy the area.

SSN: How are you and your team settling into your new Tampa offices?

Britenstine: The south branch of Aiphone, located in the Tampa, Fla. area, has already been home base for regional sales meetings and numerous trainings both for internal and external personnel and customers. Our new office is the perfect size and is well positioned for customers to visit and for employees to work from.

SSN: This office is Aiphone’s first in the U.S. South. Is the company planning any further expansion in the region?

Britenstine: With the new North American office in Tampa, we do have plans for extensive support from this office, but as far as another office or location, we will proceed will other locations as the need becomes apparent and choose any new locations according to the current need.

SSN: Mr. Kamcheff, Aiphone introduced a new access control line near the beginning of the year, could you talk about that and how it’s been performing for the company?

Kamcheff: Functionally, our AC Series has performed beyond our expectations. The programming software and scripting engine provide features and integration no one else offers at the same price point. Every month we are seeing growing sales and we have received positive feedback from those who are installing the system that they are very happy with it.

SSN: What’s your outlook/expectations for Aiphone moving forward into 2024?

Kamcheff: Aiphone’s outlook is great. We are expecting nothing but growth in the coming year. We have a great schedule of new services and products in the pipeline. Our new remote programming services will reduce truck rolls and make life easier for our dealers and integrators base, while our new products will add the features and functions that they have requested.

Aiphone strives to be a reliable business partner who proactively seeks feedback. We would love to hear from your readers on their security communication and access control system needs.

Kamcheff went on to encourage interested parties to contact them either by reaching out to their local Aiphone team member or be emailing him directly at [email protected]. You can learn more about the company’s AC Series suite online at


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