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Swampscott alarm bylaw to go into effect

Swampscott alarm bylaw to go into effect

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass.—An Oct. 15 story from the Swampscott Reporter says a new alarm bylaw intended to give the Police Department the ability to better manage the increasing number of alarm activations has gone into effect.

The bylaw will provide the police department with a database of current alarm systems in town including alarm company name and person to notify in case of an emergency or system malfunction.

There is also a more stringent policy for dealing with repeated false alarms, which is intended to reduce the number of false alarm calls reported to the police department.

Penalties for violation of this By-law shall be as follows: $50 for the first offense in a calendar year; $100 for the second offense in a calendar year; and $300 for the third and subsequent offenses in a calendar year. No person shall incur penalties in excess of $750 in any one calendar year under this section.

The bylaw requires all alarms to be registered with the Police Department annually. There is an annual registration fee payable to the town of Swampscott at the time of the registration: $10 for residential alarms and $25 for commercial alarms.

An Alarm User with five or more alarm service fees, unpaid for a period of six months, will be given a “FINAL” written notice of the fees owed. The alarm user has 14 days to make full payment; otherwise the Alarm User is subject to an additional fine.


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