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The Haxakain Group launches Home Power Group for local, regional companies

The Haxakain Group launches Home Power Group for local, regional companies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—International consulting firm The Haxakain Group has announced the launch of Home Power Group (HPG), a program designed for local and regional companies that provide home services, such as smart home and security, in your community.

“Haxakain has seen over the years how towns and neighborhoods that value their local business owners want to hire them, but they just don't know how to find them,” the company said in its announcement. “Local businesses want a way to gain more customers, but they don't which marketing systems really work. Now, the Home Power Group can help.”

The Haxakain GroupHaxakain has developed a national membership network group for thousands of home service companies - including clean energy & solar, house protection & warranty, or monthly maintenance services, in addition to smart home and security - that want to leverage their customer connections to expand new revenue opportunities.

“Our HPG members have access to marketing systems, lead programs, training courses, partnership discounts, and so much more,” the company stated. “Our vision is that the Home Power Group will help local and regional companies stay strong in their communities and create happy customers for many years to come.”

According to Haxakain, an HPG membership “opens a world of benefits that companies can leverage for growth,” including:

a) An online portal that gives members access to monthly live training courses (a $250 value - included with an HPG membership)

b) Authorizes the HPG member access to lead programs with business vertical partners that have the potential to generate sales bounties and revenue sharing for months and years to come

c) Provides affiliate relationships with other local companies in your geographic area to cross-market products and support each other's growth

d) Gives special discounts on project consultation and course coaching services (on demand, online, and on site available)

e) Introduces special rates on products from Haxakain’s team of Premier Partners

f) Invites HPG members to join exclusive contests and conventions

Haxakain’s requirements to join The Power Group are as follows:

a) Must be a licensed and active company serving the home services industry in your community

b) Agree to engage and market with other companies in your area that serve different verticals (ex. A solar company may cross-market with the local security company, or a pest control service may cross-market with a home warranty company)

c) Offer support services to any other HPG members outside your area (ex. Should a security company in Texas need a security installer in Florida, the two companies agree to offer their services for the fair-market-rate based upon the services rendered)

d) Participating companies pay a $59 monthly HPG membership fee for each 65-mile radius they select to manage. The maximum monthly fee is $295 for five or more 65-mile radius areas.

e) HPG shall authorize no more than three companies of the same business vertical in each 65-mile radius. HPG reserves the right to remove any member company which fails to pay their membership fees or fails to abide by the terms and conditions of the Home Power Group.

Dealers are encouraged to register as soon as possible to lock down their 65-mile radius area.

For more information, contact Haxakain’s Hank Groff at (904) 878-1434 or




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