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The New DICE launches SD-Wan VPN Services

The New DICE launches SD-Wan VPN Services

BAY CITY, Mich. – The New DICE Corporation has introduced its patented Matrix SD-WAN platform with AI VPN connections to the site, the highest level of cybersecurity, automated site network mapping, and registration of all devices on a private network.

The company wrote that the product is perfect for dealers and integrators, as the new service includes tunneling and full network management for cameras, NVRs, alarm panels, and other devices with built-in cyber security site isolation and automated AI VPN credentialing. They said that as a new installation process, it means there’s no need for dealers to manage networking and no need to created NAT rules to connect to any device at the client site. The Matrix x AI VPN maps the network and automatically registers all devices, bringing them all online. Users simply name the camera and create zones in the automation software.

“We’ve made this scalable, allowing registering and managing tens of thousands or millions of sites,” explained Avi Lupo, co-president of the company. “Matrix AI VPN is SD-WAN technology, built into the Matrix automation platform, giving an AI VPN architecture to any user without investing in VPN hardware or network engineers building VPNs to each site. The big advantage is that we're taking the workload off network technicians and making it easier for dealers to offer networked video and other services.”

Dealers can access the AI VPN through central stations with Matrix Interactive. Central station is able to add Matrix Interactive Video without changing the current automation software, giving dealers both the Matrix AI VPN, and a host of new interactive video services. “This is a game changer for the industry,” added Lupo. “Alarm companies can now easily compete and offer network services and isolated camera networks. Keep in mind that our AI VPN works with any automation software and any network device where Dice is the network or SD-Wan solution.”

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