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Viscount awarded U.S. government contract

Viscount awarded U.S. government contract

BURNABY, British Columbia—Viscount Systems, a supplier of security systems and software, based here, received a contract to have its access control technology installed at a U.S. government facility in Philadelphia, according to a press release.

The system will include the Viscount's Freedom Encryption Bridge technology, its enrollment and revocation list software, and its enhanced alarm management capabilities, the statement noted.

"We continue to work closely with US Federal Government agencies to continue to make Freedom the most effective and cyber-secure physical security system available," said Stephen Pineau, president and CEO of Viscount, in a statement. “Now, and more importantly, Viscount's vision of physical security systems being an extension of logical security and identity management will give the company a major compliance advantage with the U.S. Government expected to implement many of the core design elements of Freedom with the release of FIPS 201-2 in the coming months."

One benefit of Viscount's Freedom Encryption Bridge, Pineau noted, is the costs savings derived from the elimination of control hardware. The access control system allows entry from ID cards, RFID readers and biometric scanners, which all be connected to, and controlled by, a building's standard IT networks without the need for control panels.


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