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Vivint grows its infrastructure along with its business

Vivint grows its infrastructure along with its business The home automation/home security company now has 7,000 employees, and has doubled size of its headquarters, and opened two other Utah facilities and one in Washington state

PROVO, Utah—Vivint expanded this summer into a new 100,000-square-foot building on its campus here, which about doubles the space it occupies in Provo. The expansion is just one example of how the home automation/home security provider is growing its physical presence as well as its business since being bought by The Blackstone Group last year for more than $2 billion. 

Vivint also added thousands of square feet of building space elsewhere in the state.

Last December it added a 150,000-square foot customer care center in nearby Lindon, according to Vivint President Alex Dunn. And earlier this year, Vivint announced it had opened a 30,000-square-foot Innovation Center in Lehi, Utah.

“We definitely have a lot of square footage now,” Dunn told Security Systems News. “As we grow the business, it requires us hiring and filling additional positions and as you fill those additional positions, you need space to put those people.”

The company now has about 7,000 employees and occupies a total of 395,000 square feet in Utah. That figure doesn't include the new 25,000-square-foot inside sales center Vivint just opened in August in Washington state, its first such center outside of Utah.

That center opens as the door-knocking company seeks to diversify itself by adding more inside sales capabilities. The inside sales push is a big reason for the company's expansion, Josh Houser, Vivint VP of global channel sales, told SSN earlier this summer. For example, he said, the company was adding about 80 employees per month to the 400 inside sales personnel it had at its campus here.

Now, the new 100,000-square foot building in Provo houses the executive staff, the summer sales and summer tech organizations, summer support staff and some corporate functions like marketing and finance, Dunn told SSN.

In Vivint's older building on the Provo campus, “insides sales is expanding [and] our solar business is expanding,” he said. Vivint has a residential solar sales business called Vivint Solar.

The human resources department also is in that building, but Dunn cautioned, “It's a little bit of a game of musical chairs as we grow.” He said departments can move around as the company expands.


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