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VIVOTEK to launch theme during ISC West 2024

VIVOTEK to launch theme during ISC West 2024

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Global IP surveillance solution provider VIVOTEK has announced its 2024 theme, “Make Tomorrow Easier, Today!” for ISC West 2024.

Make Analytics Easier, Make Cloud Easier, Make Search Easier, and Make Integration Easier are the core essential components to the 2024 theme the company said.

“Experience VIVOTEK's innovative vision, where simplicity in every advanced product and feature shapes a more streamlined future for you,” explained Albert Lin, VIVOTEK USA general manager. “Customize a seamless, cost-effective security system with our on-premise and cloud solutions, crafted for your needs. We are excited to announce, feature, and discuss Make Tomorrow Easier, Today! at ISC West 2024 as we continuously add new value and insights for VIVOTEK partners and users through these ever evolving concepts and directives.”

Make Analytics Easier features Edge AI video analytics that integrate artificial intelligence into cameras and sensors for real-time event analysis. Applications include Smart Motion Detection, Smart VCA, Advanced Smart Tracking, Vision Object Analytics, Facial Recognition, Restricted Zone Detection, Parking Violation Detection, License plate recognition, and People Counting.

Make Cloud Easier focuses on a world of surveillance that embodies safety without the complexity and Make Search Easier enhances surveillance with VAST Security Station's (VSS) AI-powered Deep Search technology. “Our Deep Search can swiftly pinpoint people and vehicles, turning hours of searches into seconds,” added Lin. “Add a touch of intelligence to your existing devices and watch your surveillance evolve.”

“Collaborate seamlessly with our versatile video analytics, cloud-based solutions, and search and integration capabilities with our extensive surveillance product lines,” Lin concluded. “Empower users to build a proactive surveillance system that enhances security by identifying and mitigating risks before they escalate. Explore intelligent solutions with VIVOTEK’s convenient one-stop shopping experience.”

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