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What role does cloud play in security today?

What role does cloud play in security today?

What role does cloud play in security today?

YARMOUTH, Maine—Cloud-based systems have become a more prevalent storage destination for video surveillance, including the rise of a hybrid model for video surveillance, employing both cloud and on-premises, as well as on-the-edge solutions for security needs.

In this month's News Poll, when asked the million-dollar question – “Are you seeing a rise in cloud-based systems, on-premises solutions, or a more hybrid approach for video surveillance?” – cloud-based systems still rule the day at 60 percent, with 35 percent seeing a rise in hybrid solutions, and only five percent still using on-premises solutions.

As one respondent astutely pointed out, “Understanding the vertical market-specifics before leading with cloud has been vital in our success.”

With camera capabilities leaping forward over the past few years, another healthy debate going on today has to do with how much is being done on the edge, especially when it comes to video footage, from analytics to AI to even compression of data and/or extraction of metadata.

Overall, 80 percent see more being done on the edge, with 25 percent saying they are seeing more and 55 percent saying “somewhat more,” and they are seeing more. Only 20 percent disagreed.

“The cloud using edge devices is the future,” said one reader.

For those who are still using some form of on-premises solutions, the main concern when considering converting to, or adding a cloud-based solution is susceptibility to data hacks or breaches (63 percent), followed by federal or government requirements (26 percent) and “loss of individual control” (11 percent). Interestingly, although it has come down quite a bit in the past few years, several respondents noted cost as a factor.

As one SSN reader noted, “Cost is more of an issue than any of the listed responses.”

Another respondent pointed out, “The high availability for mission-critical systems is driving us back to on-prem solutions.”

While COVID and the rise of the remote workforce has hastened the adoption of cloud-based systems, respondents are also embracing hybrid solutions and taking advantage of new technologies available on the edge.


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