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White Rabbit opens authorized dealer program

White Rabbit opens authorized dealer program Company hopes to add 75 to 100 dealers before ISC West

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—White Rabbit Electronics is now actively recruiting for its new authorized dealer program.

“We've been in development of the product for the last year and a half or so and it's getting to the point where it's time to start lining up our resellers,” Steve Ipson, VP of Commercial Care for White Rabbit, told Security Systems News.

White Rabbit's Smart Hub uses a “Wi-Fi bubble” around a home to detect the presence of users' smart phones, to arm and disarm the system with user interaction. Founded in 2014 by Bold CEO Rod Coles and president Chuck Speck, White Rabbit is the sister company to Bold Technologies,

The hub is device-agnostic, according to Ipson, “That's not only meaning the Internet of Things, but also video cameras as well as legacy security devices. We've got a module … that allows us to interface with legacy wireless sensors from Honeywell, GE, Napco, DSC, 2GIG.”

The hub also integrates with Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi devices. On the central station side, White Rabbit's Smart Hub exclusively works with Bold's Manitou automation software.

Ipson said. The “most ideal” set up is a dealer who owns a central station that uses Bold Manitou. On a secondary level, independent dealers that use a third party monitoring center that uses Manitou can get access to this. White Rabbit will focus its recruiting effort on central stations that use Bold and their dealers.

There is also a third option, Ipson said. “We have several central stations that are onboard already, that [a dealer] could bring his new accounts, his new smart hub accounts to that central station … and he could leave his old signals at the other central station.”

The company is creating programs for its dealers. “We want to be able to support these guys from a technical perspective, we want to be able to support them from a marketing perspective. We're creating marketing materials that can be branded with their logos and contact information,” he said.

About 50 companies beta tested the product, according to Ipson, in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Russia and Spain.

White Rabbit called its dealers “Evolutionaries.” “We came up with that word because we think we've got a product that's somewhat disruptive and can take our dealers into places they haven't been before,” he said.

White Rabbit will be exhibiting at ISC West this year.


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