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Women in Security: Resideo's Alice DeBiasio

Women in Security: Resideo's Alice DeBiasio DeBiasio sees the mission statement of the security industry as a draw for talent, male and female

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Honeywell recently spun off its Honeywell Homes and ADI Global distribution business into the separate company Resideo. Alice DeBiasio, who worked for Honeywell's homes business for five years, is now the vice president, general manager of Resideo's global pro security business.

“My background was in defense,” DeBiasio said. Prior to joining the industry, she worked as a design engineer for Northrop Grumman Corporation. “In that role I would work on designing aircraft, unmanned aircraft was my primary focus. I worked on large scale, complex commercial and military programs in my prior role before joining Honeywell.”

Having a strong technical background like this is beneficial in the industry, DeBiasio said. “Being close to technology means you're keeping your finger on the pulse around what's going on, where we need to be keeping our eye on, what trends do we need to be familiar with. I actually love technology; I love gadgets.”

DeBiasio highlighted ecosystem integrations, including third party devices and interoperability between devices, as a notable technological advance since she joined the industry.

DeBiasio sees her role with Honeywell and now her role with Resideo as a good combination between her “vision and product background, but also my strengths … around program management, sales, execution, go-to-market.”

When she looked to enter the security industry, DeBiasio wanted a company that had a strong vision or “noble cause,” she said. DeBiasio sees a comparison between working in defense, protecting the military, and the security industry, which protects people and their property. “I always felt like I had to find a role that fit a vision that's very core to what my beliefs are,” said DeBiasio.

DeBiasio has been seeing more women in the industry. “The last three to five years have been fantastic to see. There's been a lot more women entering into this industry, which I think is actually well needed. There's different perspectives that women take,” she said. “I've seen it specifically in our business, Honeywell and then, now, in Resideo.”

DeBiasio is also seeing women in executive roles, both in Resideo as well as the larger industry. “I'll be honest, I'm sitting across the table from very powerful women most of the time—customers of mine, suppliers of mine,” she said. It is particularly in the last few years that “I really think that the opportunities, and the shift that we're seeing in terms of diversity [and] inclusion … in workforces is actually having a major effect.”

When asked about how to bring more women into the industry, DeBiasio pointed to the outstanding mission of the industry. “What attracted me was that vision, a purpose behind an organization and what our products do for people. I think that's the story that needs to be told,” DeBiasio said. “Talking about that story will attract talent, whether that be women, men, or any individuals from globally diverse cultures.”


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