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Monitoring Matters

Repent, Harlequin! They said to the TikTok man

February 1, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Let me start off this week’s blog by saying that the cat is finally out of the bag for Eufy this week as the company admitted to its security cameras producing unencrypted streams for their web portal. Big kudos to Sean Hollister and the journalists at The Verge for leaning in on Anker and getting to the heart of the story like that. I wrote a small piece about it at the time and had much the same response from their PR teams initially, a canned statement, followed by deflection, denial,...

Anker, Eric Villines, Eufy, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Project Texas, Sean Hollister, Security, security cameras, Shou Zi Chew, The Verge, TikTok

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Eufy responds to allegations of insecure cameras, violation of privacy laws


Eufy responds to allegations of insecure cameras, violation of privacy laws

December 8, 2022Ken Showers, Managing Editor

SEATTLE – Following weeks of accusations of insecure data streams and mishandled user data, Anker brand eufy has given its response. Original allegations surfaced in a Nov. 21 tweet from Information Security Consultant Paul Moore, who inquired with the company why its home security cameras were uploading faces in his local storage to its servers unencrypted, and further why he was able to stream from his camera without authentication. .@EufyOfficial - Couple of Q's Why...

Anker, AWS, Eufy, Eufy Security app, home security cameras, insecure data stream, Paul Moore, security consultant, VLC

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