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Essence USA looking beyond the panic button with PERS

June 25, 2014Leif Kothe

HOBOKEN, N.J.—Yaniv Amir, president of Essence USA, believes PERS units need to become smarter, more intuitive and better able to transmit information passively. In short, they need to become less reliant on the human factor that comes with hitting a pendant. Devices best able to accomplish this, he says, will become differentiators for central stations.Essence USA, a developer of security and monitoring solutions based here, recently launched an in-home PERS suite that aligns with Amir's beliefs...

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Customizing PERS to specific health needs

September 11, 2013Leif Kothe

HOBOKEN, N.J.—Essence USA, a manufacturer and developer of security systems and monitoring and health care solutions that is based here, has launched its third-generation PERS product—the EverGuard-Care, a wireless home health monitoring system.The system, now shipping, is designed to be easily customizable for specific health monitoring needs, Yaniv Amir, president of Essence USA, told Security Systems News. A chief advantage of the product is its installation flexibility—no small...

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