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Monitoring Matters

Observations on a surveillance camera discussion forum

August 9, 2013Leif Kothe

A topic surfaced today on the Security Industry Group's LinkedIn forum that piqued my interest at first on a particular level, but then on a broader, more general one. The topic was initiated by a link to an instructional sequence relating how some ne'er-do-well can erect homemade spray paint contraptions to blot out hard-to-reach surveillance cameras, rendering them ineffective. The device appears laughably crude, but that's not to say it couldn't achieve its ends. Assembling it requires a hodgepodge...

Physical Security, Security Industry Group, Video Surveillance

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General News

Doing your due diligence

July 17, 2013Martha Entwistle

YARMOUTH, Maine—When a bank considers making a loan to a security company it goes through a standard due diligence process, so if you're a security company looking to acquire a competitor, “you should look for the same things that we look for in your business,” according to Jennifer Holloway, managing director in the Security Industry Group at The PrivateBank. Holloway's remarks were part of a presentation she gave during an educational session she participated in with...

Jennifer Holloway, Mergers & Acquisitions, Physical Security, Security Industry Group, The PrivateBank

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