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Going mobile ...


Going mobile ...

February 10, 2021Cory Harris, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—Convenience and flexibility are two important factors that people demand in their everyday lives, especially when using their smartphones. Consumers utilize their mobile devices to perform a myriad of functions, and during these uncertain times, smartphones are relied on more than ever to make access control as seamless as possible, and ultimately, enhance security for peace of mind. Whether it is being able to open a door to a secure storage cabinet or authenticating oneself...

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General News

State of the access control market, part I

August 20, 2019Ginger Hill

YARMOUTH, Maine—The concept of access control is simple — to allow or restrict people, animals or things from gaining access to a particular space. At its core is some type of lock, mechanical or electronic, that must be breached legitimately, accidentally or forcefully to gain access. Once access is gained, the results can be advantageous, detrimental or even a combination of both. Although simple to define, the complexity lies in formulating the best access control plan using the...

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