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2GIG launches partitioning for its GC3 panel

2GIG launches partitioning for its GC3 panel

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Nortek Security & Control recently announced the launch of Smart Areas partitioning for the 2GIG GC3 security panel, a self-contained wireless system.

“We've taken a step forward today to extend the 2GIG platform by adding this unique solution for our dealers,” Joe Roberts, NSC's executive vice president of marketing and innovation, told Security Systems News in an email interview.

With partitions, alarm users can separate their properties into different security zones, with independent controls and user permissions. The new functionality is now available to every GC3 system, including installed systems, via the new v3.2 firmware release, with no added hardware modules required, NSC said.

Roberts provided an example of how the partitioning ability would help a homeowner. “Let's say an end customer has a large home with a home office and a guest suite. In just a few minutes you can setup the main home, office and guest suite each with its own Smart Area,” he said. “Smart Areas each has the flexibility to monitor events, set scenes and of course arm or disarm specifically for that partition.”

Homeowners also benefit from the ease of use and set up, Roberts said. “For dealers, partitioning a wireless system used to be a burden to install, with extra modules that added to the time and effort. With Smart Areas, setup and installation is done with an easy-to-use interface with everything the installer needs right there on the screen, and there are no extra modules that require additional set up,” he added.

To incorporate the partitioning feature, NSC invested energy in several areas, “from the initial user experience concepts through the final product delivery,” Roberts said. “With Smart Areas, we are completely redefining the way partitioning has been treated. It gives dealers greater options for delivering solutions that enhance the peace-of-mind for their customers.”

This update also brings value for business customers, such as buildings with multiple offices that use the 2GIG GC3, Roberts said. “One of these offices can be the master partition with each of the other offices being a Smart Area. The offices can have independent arming or disarming, while the master will still have the ultimate visibility and control over the system. Until now, this flexibility was only found in hard-wired systems.”

Asked if he sees partitions playing a larger role in residential systems in the future, Roberts said, “Yes! This has been a collaboration with our dealers. People more and more want personalized systems for their individual needs. Smart Areas provide that, with added control and peace of mind.”


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