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“40 under 40” Class of 2019 — Mark Grudzien, 31

“40 under 40” Class of 2019 — Mark Grudzien, 31 Managing Director, CIBC

It wasn't until Mark Grudzien attended ESX in Nashville that he officially settled on a career in security. There, he discovered firsthand from business owners what drove the figures he had seen on paper during his first year as a primary underwriter at CIBC, as well as their passion and dedication. “That component along with the tightknit community with the industry are aspects of security I find both unique and attractive,” he said.

In his current role, Grudzien is primarily focused on customizing financial solutions to help owners and operators achieve their specific goals. “Connecting with people is the best part of my role and this takes up the bulk of my time,” Grudzien explained. “By spending time face-to-face with those in the security industry, I'm better equipped to be an advocate for my clients internally.”

Over the past three years, Grudzien has noticed the growth of competition for traditional residential security providers. “All these providers are equipped with marketing budgets and consumers no longer approach home security as a reactionary purchase, but as a way to automate their home and life,” he said.

Video analytics sits at the top of his list for exciting security technology. “We are seeing a high degree of public and private investment in machine learning and believe we've barely scratched the surface in terms of its future capabilities,” Grudizen explained.� Also, “purchases of video equipment continue to grow so commercial companies are willing to invest.”

To continue attracting young talent to the industry, Grudzien suggested organizations “have a strategy for reaching students in the early college or late high school, and provide a clear career development path upfront. Lead by example; have management actively promote an open, accepting environment; celebrate diversity and encourage employee-led networks that educate and share diversity with colleagues.”


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