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40 under 40: Erin Macauley, Allied Universal Technology Services

40 under 40: Erin Macauley, Allied Universal Technology Services

Technology is at the forefront of Erin Macauley’s daily routine.

As Business Applications Coordinator at Allied Universal Technology Services, a security and facility services company with offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, Macauley oversees the customer relationship management (CRM) and quoting tool for the company’s 30 branches and some 250 users.

“Over the past eight years, I have worked in various roles at Allied Universal, but always with technology to train users (both my co-workers and end-user clients) on how to use the systems,” Macauley explained.

Macauley, 37, said that her path to the security industry is “a little bit unique.”  

“I worked in administration, support, and training across several markets (higher education, non-profit trade association, HVAC contractor) before transitioning into the security integration space in 2013,” she said. “From my time in the contracting space, I saw the rise of electronic security systems running parallel to the growth of cloud services. I knew it was going to be fast paced, but I had no idea the ride I was in. It has been challenging and rewarding all the same time.”

Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions

Macauley pointed out two trends she sees in the security industry today - the rise of the need for cybersecurity surrounding on-premise systems, as well as the continued evolution of cloud solutions.

“In one of my earlier roles, I coordinated our company’s cloud solution offerings for video and access control, and I watched the number of accounts grow 500 percent in less than five years. I think that growth will only continue,” she explained. “Also, due to the pandemic, the security universe has been front and center for the sweeping shift taking place with office policies and procedures to minimize the effect of the virus. Powered by artificial intelligence and Bluetooth, state-of-the-art access control systems integrated with video platforms are extremely invaluable. Ensuring that the access control programs include comprehensive hands-free options will be important to ensure safe business today and into the future.”

In addition, Macauley noted the introduction of touchless body temperature solutions as a rapid-fire security technological response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think it has been phenomenal how quickly a touchless body temperature solution was produced to respond to the pandemic,” she said.

Dealing with the Pandemic

With the unpredictable times we ae all going through during the pandemic, Macauley stressed the importance of staying with a routine and continuing to serve the customers.

“In times of uncertainty, habits can be very grounding,” she noted. ”I have made it a point to take walks outside with friends and family as much as possible, especially short walks around the block as I continue to work from home. I also remember that, at the end of the day, we are people helping people. The needs may be shifting right now, and it is our job to listen.”

Diverse Backgrounds

When asked what the security industry could do in order to attract more talented, diverse young people, Macauley pointed out that the security industry is one of the few professions where people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have the ability to achieve great success and make a positive impact on others.

“The security space is one of the few places I see that you can come in from many different places – be it a technical background, business background, or even like me, a liberal arts background – and make a tangible impact on people’s lives,” she noted.  “Companies like Allied Universal Technology Services are willing to train anyone with a desire to learn and grow. I have watched many people come in as a technician and rise to leadership levels.”


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