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40 under 40: Jack Doyle, Doyle Security Systems

40 under 40: Jack Doyle, Doyle Security Systems

Jack Doyle, 36, President, Doyle Integrated Systems and Support Services at Doyle Security Systems, was destined to work in the security industry since the day he was born, and with good reason.

Doyle Security Systems is a multi-generational family security business based in Upstate N.Y. that was founded by John A. Doyle in 1919 in Rochester, N.Y. The company services more than 40,000 residential and commercial customers across Upstate New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Jack represents the fifth generation of family involvement in the company, with his father, John G. Doyle, currently serving as president and CEO.

The 36-year-old Doyle serves as director of business development. In his six years with Doyle Security, Jack has been responsible for developing marketing strategies, promoting operational efficiencies, tracking business analytics and managing strategic corporate initiatives. During this time, Doyle Security saw a 40 percent increase in sales opportunities and more than 16 percent growth in recurring monthly revenue.  Prior to his full-time role, Jack worked for Doyle in various capacities including alarm monitoring, system installation and sales. 

“I was blessed with an opportunity to work at the company after a requisite time period working in other industries,” Jack told Security Systems News. “I landed in a business development role initially after an almost 10-year career in sales and entrepreneurship.  I always had a great admiration for my father, who’s currently our president, and all of the work that the business has done in the community.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than making a real tangible impact on the community by protecting homes and commercial facilities.  Undoubtedly the work we’ve done has prevented tragedies and saved lives. I’m very proud to work in the security industry!”

Moving to the Cloud

Jack noted that one of the top trends in the security industry today is that so much in physical security is moving to the cloud.

“I’m very excited about the possibilities therein,” he said. “The ability to seamlessly and securely integrate video, access and intrusion systems across many different sites is now a reality, and our ability to create value with these new product suites should provide us some exciting opportunities in the future. 

“Monitored video is another area that I think will play a big role in the future of intrusion detection.  Even at the residential level, I think our industry is poised to dramatically reduce false or nuisance alarms and contribute to an enhanced response time. The continued adoption of ASAP-to-PSAP [Automated Secure Alarm Protocol to Public Safety Answering Point] amongst jurisdictions around the country will also boost our ability to create better, faster, more reliable security to the community.”

Doyle added that he “loves” what is happening with cloud video technology.

“I won’t promote any specific partners, but I’ve seen some incredible new platforms that can apply sophisticated video analytics within the cloud,” he said. “The ability to enhance the performance and usefulness of networked cameras that have already been deployed is huge and should create opportunities for new recurring revenue from legacy video customers.”  

Keys to Success

Surviving and thriving, especially during these challenging times, in the security industry will depend on which companies focus on their customer base.

“I think the security companies that will survive and thrive in the coming decades will be the ones that focus most on the customer experience,” Doyle pointed out. “Installing security systems is easier today than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s a commodity, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. With so many options and so many new technologies come complexity. Businesses and consumers will be looking more than ever for knowledge, trust, and professionalism. That means investing in more training for employees, keeping up with new tech and never resting on your laurels.”

He also noted the importance of getting more talented, diverse young people involved in the security industry.

“I feel like, at least in our community, I see plenty of talented, young and diverse people in the security industry,” Doyle said. “I’d say a focus on service to the community should continue to attract young people to our business. It’s a career that people should be proud of.”

Bright Future

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Doyle predicts a bright future for the security industry. 

“Growth in both residential and commercial sectors continues, even as the economy has slowed at times,” he explained. “New tech will increase residential market penetration and I believe there will always be a place for the best security dealers.  I do expect that acquisition activity will continue to drive consolidation in favor of national and regional players and far fewer small security businesses will exist in 10 years. The operating complexity just continues to accelerate.”


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