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40 under 40: Jessica Lambert, General Monitoring Services, Inc.

40 under 40: Jessica Lambert, General Monitoring Services, Inc.

For Jessica Lambert, no day is ever the same.

As director of monitoring services at Huntington Beach, Calif.-based General Monitoring Services (GMS), her role is to oversee the daily business activities of the Monitoring Operations Center, “which entails a lot of planning across our leadership team,” she said.

“One day I may be working with our VP of dealer relations on effective auto-process solutions, and our business and development manager on new potential product and services, and then the next day I may be collaborating with our human resources manager on recruitment, and the training manager on employee development,” Lambert  explained. “In addition to that, I have daily meetings with our supervisory team. Each meeting is designed to ensure we are aligned with the department goals, as well as the overall company’s mission and vision.”

Lambert, 33, has been with GMS for 11 years but in the security industry for 14 years. She told Security Systems News that she applied to many entry-level position jobs hoping to her first full-time position at a very young age.

“The human resources manager for Protection One reached out to me because I did not finish answering the questions on my application,” she said. “It was like she knew this was where I was meant to be. She asked that I finish answering the questions and then she would proceed to schedule an interview with me. I did as she requested, nailed my interview, and then started my first day with Protection One as an alarm dispatcher.”

Lambert noted that she was not initially inspired to start her career in security.

“However, after I was hired my job became very meaningful,” she stated. “My inspiration grew with every urgent call I took and every dispatch that I made. The feeling that going to work and doing my best could result in the capture of a criminal or saving someone’s life was something I could not put a price on.”

Trends in Security

Lambert cited three prevalent trends in the security industry today. 

“From my perspective, the top trends in security right now are AI [artificial intelligence], IoT [Internet of things], and video surveillance systems,” she noted. “There has been an increase in conversations about AI, an impactful growth of IoT devices that will continue developing, and a continued demand of video surveillance as people want to protect their assets. These trends will continue to lead as people and businesses focus more on getting creative and using technology to be more effective. As we know, technology is constantly evolving, and I believe we will see AI, IoT, and video at the forefront for the security industry.”

Of the three technology trends Lambert pointed out, she believes that the most exciting and promising new security technology is AI.“I have talked with several different AI video analytics companies whose services include the detection of people, vehicles, loitering, guns, and so much more,” she said.  “AI is turning cameras into smart cameras which means increased safety and protection for people. As AI technology evolves and becomes more reliable, it will become increasingly more valuable as an offering in the security industry.”

Prioritizing People

In talking about keys to success in the security industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lambert noted the importance for “a business is only as successful as its employees,” she explained. “We do this by keeping them happily engaged in or company culture. This is especially critical right now during these times because we do not know what people are silently taking on in their personal lives. All we understand, from a business perspective, is that they arrive to work every day ready to do the jobs we pay them to do. So, creating a positively engaged work culture, despite these hard times, will keep your business thriving.  

“If I can offer any advice for personal growth and success it would be: Do Not Give Up on Yourself. My grandmother would always say to me, ‘Nobody said it would be easy, so don’t ever give up when it gets hard.’ This year has tested many of us, and for a lucky few that have yet to experience that test, one thing is sure, that test will happen, and when it does, do not give up. You cannot fail if you get back up and try again.” 


Lambert cited the importance of mentorship programs when asked about how to recruit diverse, talented young people into the security industry.

“I was recently afforded the opportunity to speak to other security professionals. I raised the question, ‘How did you find your way into security?’” she said. “Mostly every response was like my own and that was, ‘By accident.’ So, you either grew up in the industry or fell into it by accident and this was very telling for me.

“I think we should ask the question another way. How do we decrease the chances of ‘accidents’ and increase the likelihood of qualified candidates intentionally seeking out a career in our industry? I feel this can be done by focusing our attention on recruiting and mentorship programs. Stop hiring individuals on what you see or don’t see on their resume, instead hire them for what you believe they can become and achieve. Then through a strategic and well-focused mentorship program show them how they can make a career from their hard work and dedication.”    

Industry Views

In spite of the challenges that security professionals have faced during the pandemic, Lambert believes that the industry will continue to rise to the occasion in serving its customer base.

“The security industry has experienced some challenges this year,” she said. “This pandemic put security professionals to the test; however, I am confident in saying that the security industry will continue as a thriving sector. We are an essential industry that delivers highly valued security and peace of mind. Our industry is unique and as such we are a highly attractive marketplace that many want to be a part of.” 


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