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40 under 40: Ryan Leithead, senior sales manager of security business, Siemens

40 under 40: Ryan Leithead, senior sales manager of security business, Siemens

40 under 40: Ryan Leithead, senior sales manager of security business, Siemens

YARMOUTH, Maine—Ryan Leithead, 34, is the senior sales manager of security business at Siemens, a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare based out of Munich. Find out what inspired him to pursue a career in the security industry, what being a "40 under 40" winner means to him, what appeals to him about the security industry, and more. 

SSN: Describe your roles, duties, and tenure at your current job. 

40 under 40LEITHEAD: I lead a strong and tenured team of sales and account managers in the fifth-largest Siemens security business in North America, with a team covering the Philadelphia metro area and suburbs, half of New Jersey, and the State of Delaware. I provide overall sales and business management of the branch security business with a strong partnership with my operations leadership team. I have been with Siemens for four years - three as a senior manager for fire and security construction sales and the past year in my current role.

SSN: What inspired you to pursue a career in the security industry?

LEITHEAD: With over 15 successful years in the fire/life safety industry with a small focus on security, I wanted to expand my knowledge with additional technology, and the security industry is very technology rich. Fire is very code driven, which I always enjoyed, but the technology advances in the security business are constant and keep me on my toes.

SSN: What does being named a winner of SSN's 40 under 40 mean to you?

LEITHEAD: I learned about the award while I was in the middle of a family tragedy with the loss of our second newborn son this past December, and honestly the award was in the back of my mind at that time. Today, a few months later the recognition allows me to reflect on the success we can have even through dark times which I hope to share with my wife and son. I have dedicated much of my life to the life safety industry, which includes security, and the cause of keeping people safe is dear to me.

SSN: As a young leader, what appeals to you about the security industry?

LEITHEAD: Life safety and security has always been near and dear to me as it is an industry that is protecting people and property. The mission, regardless of company, is the same and that is to provide our customers with the best solutions to project what is most important. The advancements in technology keep the industry exciting and as a leader the industry provides constant growth opportunities for myself but more importantly for those that I lead.

SSN: With the hiring, recruitment and retention challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the security industry engage young talent?

LEITHEAD: The industry is changing the type of talent for which we are searching. With so many advances in technology we need to show the younger generations there is an exciting future in the business, and the technology is ever advancing allowing them to grow with the business. The roles are changing, technicians are remotely servicing systems and need to be able to provide advanced technical solutions. With so many different opportunities (sales, operations, programing, engineering, leadership) we need to identify, foster, and advance new young talent and retain tenured talent to help us do just that.



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