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Agilence buys defunct video analytic company

Agilence buys defunct video analytic company

CAMDEN, N.J.—Agilence, Inc., a provider of point-of-service video auditing solutions, announced on April 12 that it has purchased the assets of video analytics company Vidient Systems, Inc. Vidient went out of business in 2010.

Agilence plans to modify Vidient's technology and combine it with its Hawkeye platform specifically for the transportation and retail industries, according to a company statement. Vidient's video analytics solution was primarily deployed in the transportation industry.

“Vidient devoted significant time and resources to developing their technology and fine-tuning the performance of their analytics,” said Derek Rodner, VP of product development for Agilence, in a statement. “After evaluating the solution's performance, we determined that this would be a smart investment for Agilence and the markets that we serve. The software's flexibility and reliability made it one of the most well-respected video analytics solutions in the market, and we are excited to build onto this solution to further increase its capabilities.”

Agilence will adapt the solution to provide additional use cases, including people and vehicle counting, wait and dwell time assessment, and congestion detection, according to the statement.


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