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Airspace control “a must have” - SSN chat with 911 Security CEO Robert Tabbara

Airspace control “a must have” - SSN chat with 911 Security CEO Robert Tabbara

Airspace Control “A Must Have”: SSN Interview with 911 Security CEO Robert Tabbara

DALLAS – Drones have exploded in popularity and represent both a threat and an opportunity. Security Systems News recently talked with 911 Security CEO Robert Tabbara regarding the drone security market.

Around the world drones have risen to perform every function from eviscerating tanks on the battlefield in Ukraine to delivering packages to our front doors effortlessly. In the security world drones bolster physical security forces with sweeping patrol patterns using the latest in detection technologies. At LAX International Airport the TSA is testing new drone detection technology to safeguard flights and passengers. In Qatar this year at the FIFA World Cup they have already planned a full suite of drones and counter drone measures to ensure the safety of the venue from terrorists and other security breaches. In a previous article we discussed that the anti-drone market and its $3.8 billion predicted a rise by 2027.

To that end Security Systems News reached out to 911 Security, an airspace security software and solutions provider, to speak with Tabbara to discuss the current state of the drone and drone services market. 

SSN - Tell me a little about yourself and your company.

Tabbara - I am the CEO of 911 Security. (The) company started as an electronic physical security integrator and in 2018 added AirSpace security as a client requested a solution to help monitor and protect their Airspace. Our company builds hardware and software solutions to help clients monitor and alert for drone activity.

SSN - Has there been an increase in demand for this kind of service, and have you found yourself able to keep up with the demand or otherwise?

Tabbara - Demand is increasing as clients gets exposed to news on how drones are being used to smuggle contrabands, spy on corporations and recently in Ukraine. Physical security is no longer sufficient and just like cyber made its way in, Airspace is growing.

SSN - In your experience what kind of events/orgs see the most traffic from your product: sporting, political, corporate, etc.

Tabbara – (It’s) all across. If you have something of value or interest, you are going to see pilots flying over your location. In almost all cases, you will discover unauthorized flights within days of deploying monitoring technology.

SSN - What kind of changes have you seen this industry undergo, has the pandemic done anything to alter the way you do business, higher costs?

Tabbara - The pandemic was hard on us. It affected our sales initially and recently our supply chain and the labor market. We have solved for most issues and are pushing forward.

SSN - What future challenges do you perceive to the drone security business?

Tabbara - The drone security business is still in its infancy with a large opportunity for growth as drones become more and more integrated in logistics, operations, and law enforcement.  Drones are going to get better, faster, and more capable and are being used by bad actors as tools to launch criminal activity. Airspace security will no longer be a "nice to have" but will be a "must have" for any entity that is serious about security. 

SSN – Any parting words you’d like to share with our readers?

Tabbara - If you are a security dealer, this is a golden opportunity to expand your offering on an emerging and much needed technology that your client will appreciate. This is an emerging challenge for the security industry, and we are in the forefront.

Headquartered in Dallas, you can learn more about 911 Security and its offerings by visiting or contacting them at 1-866-618-2267.


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