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Altronix showcases products at GSX

Altronix showcases products at GSX

ATLANTA, GA – Altronix, a global leader in power and data transmission solutions showcased some of their newest application at this year’s GSX.

The products on display from Altronix highlight features like increased system capacity, space conservation, and enhanced power distribution all while reducing the costs of labor and installation. “Altronix’s new innovative products, support our commitment to deliver solutions that further enhance system capacities in access, surveillance and security applications enabling quick and simple installation,” said Altronix Corporation President, Alan Forman. “And of equal importance, all Altronix products are backed by our experienced team of support professionals, a lifetime warranty, and decades of field-proven reliability that is second to none.”

Among Altronix’s offerings on the show floor this year were the ACMS12 Access Power Controllers and the PDS16 Power Distribution Modules. These products Altronix says increase access control system capacity in the Altronix Trove Access and Power Integration Series, and virtually any wall or rack mount configuration.  The ACMS12 has dual inputs which allows power to be steered from two separate 5 to 24VDC power sources spread over twelve independently selectable Fail-safe/Fail-secure power outputs. The PDS16 similarly features dual inputs that steers either AC or DC power over sixteen power outputs.

Altronix also featured a number of other products at GSX including an expanded offering of Trove Access and Power Integration products, Tango PoE Driven Power Supply/Chargers, and NetWay Single and Multiport Midspans among others.

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