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And the Morepheus Award goes to …

And the Morepheus Award goes to … Company shines spotlight on films that accurately depict security tech while also emphasizing high-end homeowner awareness

REDONDO BEACH, Calif.—The Oscars are right around the corner. Forget about Best Actress or Best Supporting Actor, who should receive the Morepheus Award?

Moore Protection, a home security company based here that serves high-end clients, i.e., stars and others show biz VIPS, soon will present its annual Morepheus Award to a film that accurately provides “a good depiction of security technology,” according to president Don Moore.

It's all in good fun, but promoting the award in the middle of Hollywood's busy award season more importantly affords the company the opportunity to remind its high-end clientele to arm their systems before they head down the hills to the glamorous ceremonies, Moore told Security Systems News.

“Not a year goes by that you'll see that some celebrity's home got broken into while they're at [an awards] ceremony,” he said. “The hills are full of limos—and full of burglars,” and those burglars know the celebrities won't be home for hours.

“We have so many clients that delegate so many things to personal assistants. At least make sure they know how important it is for the system to be armed when you're not there,” he advised.

Coming up on its 14th year and with a dozen employees “with the utmost in discretion,” the company has opened up the Morepheus nominating process via its website. And there's still time to throw a contender into the mix, Moore said.

Two movies have been given a prospective thumbs-up so far—“Gone Girl” and “RoboCop.”

“The interoffice scuttlebutt says 'Gone Girl' will have the inside track,” Moore said.

In that thriller, a woman changes the alarm code on her father-in-law's home alarm system. She knows her husband will go there to check about her when she's gone missing. He'll trip the alarm and thus give police a firm record that he was there, where she had planted incriminating evidence. The wife also manipulates an ex-boyfriend's surveillance system to her devious advantage.


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