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Arcules and RAS Watch partner

Arcules and RAS Watch partner Companies to deliver a fully managed and outsourced GSOC solution

IRVINE, Calif.—Arcules and RAS Watch strategically partnered to deliver a fully managed and outsourced global security operations center (GSOC) solution. The jointly developed Rapid Deployment Kit incorporates the Arcules cloud video management system and Axis Communications IP cameras, as well as remote monitoring, alert verification and system healthy monitoring from RAS Watch.

“Over the past few weeks, we've seen a majority of jurisdictions issue stay-at-home orders,” Ryan Schonfeld, CEO and founder, RAS Watch said in the announcement. “We knew we needed to come up with a solution that is cost-effective and easy to deploy, and offers businesses the kind of protection they need to ensure their facilities are safe.”

With the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are looking for solutions that help them monitor and protect their physical assets against security threats as their employees leave their things behind and work from home for the unforeseeable future. Using Arcules' secure cloud-based video surveillance service along with RAS Watch's fully managed and outsourced GSOC, business leaders can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively security assets. Short-term contracts are available immediately to help organizations navigate through the current crisis.

“Arcules is excited to partner with RAS Watch on this Rapid Deployment Kit that enables clients to quickly establish security and remote monitoring for their sites,” Nigel Waterton, CRO, Arcules said. “The time to provide clients with quick, cost-effective options to increase security and safety is now, and both Arcules and RAS Watch are dedicated to providing services that ease complexity, reduce additional infrastructure costs and minimize the requirements for smart, effective security monitoring.”

This partnership allows for rapid deployment of both video camera technology and remote setup through Arcules' cloud video surveillance interface, while RAS Watch empowers remote response, oversight and health monitoring with its managed GSOC, delivering necessary information and guidance to mitigate risks before they happen.


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