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Bold integrates VMAX DVR with Manitou

Bold integrates VMAX DVR with Manitou A further effort to make Manitou a ‘toolbox’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Bold Oct. 28 announced that its Manitou software now integrates with VMAX DVR solutions from Digital Watchdog.

This latest integration, one of almost 60 that Manitou has now, was specifically requested by a Bold customer, according to Chuck Speck, Bold Technologies president. It was built for this customer out of a need for one point of control for Digital Watchdog's VMAX DVRs.

This is part of a larger goal, Speck told Security Systems News. “We want to make sure that Manitou is a toolbox … so that our central stations can compete in the widest way possible without having to worry about additional expenses [for integrations].”

“It strengthens our already deep lineup of video integration partners,” Speck said. “It gives a lot of flexibility to our customers … so the central stations can go out, pursue business of any kind. It doesn't really matter if there's established camera systems or established DVR networks or anything … they can feel quite secure that Manitou is going to have that integration in play.”

“The products from Bold Technologies take the simplicity of our VMAX DVRs and make it easy for security operators to manage multiple alarm signals from a single interface,” Wade Thomas, Digital Watchdog president, said in a prepared statement.


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