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BrickHouse acquires Securus' GPS business

BrickHouse acquires Securus' GPS business Company expands customer base by 25 percent

NEW YORK—BrickHouse Security, a supplier of alarm systems and GPS-tracking based here, on March 4 acquired Securus' GPS business, shortly after thesale of Securus' PERS business to Freeus. Terms of the deal were not released.

“What this does is it takes the three largest direct-to-consumer GPS brands and rolls them up into one company, on one platform, with one set of infrastructure,” Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse, told Security Systems News, referring to BrickHouse, Securus and Zoombak—an acquired subsidiary of Securus.

“The biggest thing will be the clients. [Securus had] a lot of consumers and businesses that they acquired, plus the ones they brought over from Zoombak, and all of those customers will be moving over on the 16th,” Morris said. BrickHouse will take on the matter of transitioning clients.

While he declined to release the number of accounts acquired, Morris said the acquisition will increase BrickHouse's client base by about 25 percent.

With few exceptions, employees will not be moved to BrickHouse, he said.

Morris noted that there are still thousands of Securus devices “out in the field,” which will be activated with BrickHouse.

This deal has been in discussion since October, Morris said.

BrickHouse is a licensed alarm dealer in 11 states and has customers in 195 countries, it says.

Both BrickHouse's alarm business and GPS tracking are split 50-50 between residential and commercial customers, Morris said.


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