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BriefCam will be on-demand

BriefCam will be on-demand Video synopsis company announces new model and Pivot3 partnership

NEVE ILAN, Israel—BriefCam will introduce a new on-demand model of its Video Synopsis software at next month's ASIS conference, said company CEO Dror Irani.

The Israel-based company, which last week announced a partnership with Pivot3, believes the ability for end users to create on-demand video synopses will offer easier access to “business intelligence” and reduce the amount of hardware needed compared to a traditional video surveillance and analytics model, according to Irani.

Where a guard may have monitored several screens at once, BriefCam's software compresses several hours of footage into clips that can be reviewed in a manner of minutes. But why create the synopsis if no one needs them? Irani says that's where the on-demand model comes in. “We don't generate them when you don't need it,” he said, “which comes in handy in business.”

The on-demand synopsis could also be requested, accessed and viewed by others in the company who could harness the business intelligence and boost its return on investment, such as marketing employees in the retail sector who could use it to identify highly trafficked areas of a store.

With the new product, “the real change in the concept is going from continued processing to on-demand processing,” Irani said.

BriefCam estimates that about 20 percent of cameras require video synopsis for immediate response. The new on-demand function means the end user can cost-effectively cover the remaining 80 percent of the cameras. “Taken together (both ongoing and on-demand functionality), the new product, to be announced at ASIS 2011, will provide video synopsis coverage to 100 percent of installed cameras,” according to Briefcam's Rachel Neiman.

BriefCam's newly announced partnership with Pivot3 “will provide unique functionality and cost savings as it reduces the manpower spent on video review,” Lee Caswell, founder and chief strategy officer of Pivot3, said in a statement.

—Martha Entwistle contributed to this report


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