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Brivo's Steve Van Till publishes book

Brivo's Steve Van Till publishes book Security veteran explores five technologies transforming physical security in the digital age

BETHESDA, Md.—Steve Van Till, co-founder, president and CEO of Brivo, a cloud services provider, recently published a book entitled The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security: How Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and IoT are Transforming Physical Security in the Digital Age.

The book explores the major technological forces currently driving digital disruption in the security industry, and what they foretell for the future.

"It's not a textbook or a 'how to' manual,” Van Till told Security Systems News. “It's a story of how the biggest forces in global technology are intersecting with the security industry."

He noted that the book provides a high-level perspective on how the industry is changing as a whole, as well as practical guidance on how to incorporate these new technologies to create better security solutions.

"It's written for a broad audience, with a slight bias toward security professionals in the end user community who want to understand the technology changes that are affecting their options and futures in security systems," he explained.

The book also examines key questions on how these new technologies have lowered barriers for new entrants in the field and how they are likely to change market dynamics and affect customer choices, he said, noting that the book is set in the context of one of the early dot-com companies to enter physical security, so the narrative is written for professionals from Chief Security Officers and systems integrators to product managers and investors.

"I also wanted the book to speak to people who are new to the industry and want to get their bearings on technology adoption and change,” Van Till said. “We all wring our hands from time to time about how we can recruit more talent into the security industry, and I think that we need to show people that our industry provides the environment for a dynamic technology and business career."

In addition to exploring the five major technological forces driving digital change in commercial security, Van Till said the book shows practitioners how to align security strategies with these inevitable changes; examines how the consumerization of security will change the vendor playing field; illustrates how security professionals can leverage these changes in their own careers; and provides an adoption scorecard that ranks trends and timeline for impact.


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