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Carolina Security Group aiming for super-regional status

Carolina Security Group aiming for super-regional status New 'turnkey' security company is in the market for acquisitions

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Industry veteran Jeremy Brooks announced this week that he's launched Carolina Security Group—a new security company with aspirations to become a super-regional.

“The concept for [Carolina Security Group] is to be completely turnkey,” Brooks told Security Systems News. “If you're a property manager and you need fire monitoring in one building and access in another and your sales manager needs a residential system, we want to be able to provide all of that.”

Brook's vision is a company that offers “complete IP video, access control, fire systems, residential security, and everything in between.”

Carolina Security Group opened its doors here on April 1. Brooks currently has 12 employees, a residential sales manager, technicians and back office and sales personnel onboard.  Brooks, who is president of the company, is “personally overseeing all large commercial systems,” with a plan to hand those responsibilities over within the year.

“We've been adding new customers since day one, and my team has exceeded my expectations. I'm very thankful for all of them,” Brooks said.

“Customer obsession is one of our core values that we are not going to let go away [either by] growing too fast or [or by acquiring] the wrong company,” he said.

Carolina Security Group is working with 2GIG panels, an platform, and is contracting with COPS for third-party monitoring.

Brooks is 100-percent owner of Carolina Security Group. He plans to grow the company organically and through acquisitions and is actively seeking acquisitions now. Global Growth Partners will be Carolina Security Group's equity partner for acquisitions.

Carolina Security Group is already in the process of opening its first branch office in Charleston, S.C. “Large commercial has snapped back and resi [is also growing] in that market,” he said.

Brooks looks at developing what he calls a “local business model for the Carolinas.” He envisions Carolina Security Group “growing to four or five branches covering the coast [out to] the mountains in the Carolinas.”

The mix of business will likely be about 60/40 commercial to residential, Brooks said.


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